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Welcome to Auto Lingography
Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:28 AM EST

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The Land Of Lingography

Welcome. This is just a basic overview of my site, so that the experience is as painless as possible (and already, it's hurting bad, I know.)

Firstly, some things to note:

  • All submissions are welcome, but please put them in the "Member Posts" or "Whinges" topics, and note that I moderate all submissions

  • Any suggestions you may have, plonk those in (strangely enough), the Suggestions topic

  • Some or a lot of posts may not be viewable anonymously. Register, and then you get more fruit (or garbage, dependant on stance)

  • This is my website. Anything you don't like, tough. I'm allowed my free speech (last I knew, anyhow)

  • You can customise the site to your liking, including not showing certain blocks/panels at all, and so on. Go play in the "Personalize" section.

Keeping up to date with what changed since your last login and whatnot doesn't appear to be a feature that the Geeklog guys have put in. Try using the numeric indicators to the right of Topics.

Some stories appear on the front page, others won't. There is no particular synergy or flow here (once again, because of the bizarre way Geeklog itself works).

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