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Funny shit

  • Extreme Ironing Bureau (931)
    Welcome to the home of extreme ironing - the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.
  • My Cat Hates You dot com (710)
    Started in 2000, we proudly present you the largest collection of sour-faced, indignant felines on the Internet. Click the pussies on the left to view our latest collection, or Cats above to view past galleries.
  • Stuff On My Cat (254)
    Do you like to put stuff on your cat? So do we, show us some love and head over to our submissions page to find out how to send us a picture. If your submission meets our "rigorous" standards in the fields of quality and awesomeness we will put it up for all to see. Any other questions or comments feel free to email me, take care and thanks for visiting! - Mario
  • T shirts from hell (892)
    These guys have redefined good, funny t-shirts... not a lot of class there, but hey, who gives a fuck :)