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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:30 AM EST

The year thus far...

RamblingsSo I haven't done a serious dump of my small brain in a while now... let the paiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn begin!

Dr. Karl on climate change

RamblingsLike most, I love podcasts as a concept. I particularly like Triple J radio's ones. One I'm subscribed to is Dr. Karl.

Find Us


Seriously, what is the fucking point of those yellow signs in shops from Telstra, pushing Yellow Pages:

You're already at the store... There's no need to find them anymore!

Almost there!

RamblingsOk... I've finally fixed my issues with a server here and will shortly be posting my Spain wrapup and what's been going on lately in the land of fish... stay tuned ;)



Yeah, just a quick note to apologise for the geeklog and gallery downtime -- I upgraded the OS on this server on the weekend and, as expected, some stuff broke.

I have some rather heavy personal shit going on right now, so hold on for a bit until I do my actual Spain wrapup and whatnot.

"Soccer" vs. AFL

RamblingsOk, short story from me, but found these three letters on the net today and I just had to share ;)

Off to Spain!

RamblingsSo the trip has finally begun...

Space DJz


Photos of the latest gig featuring Space DJz are now up here.

Enjoy :)

Christopher Lawrence @ Room 680


My photos of CL can be found here.

Average night by a great DJ... pity, he was much better last time I saw him (and playing CDJ's doesn't help, pfft).

Who stole my Ling??

WhingesThought this would be the most apt place for my bitching, hope you see the irony. Plus I'll use this forum for my annual rant about the hypocrisy of Good Friday.