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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:30 AM EST

140, Soul-T & Charcoal Nights @ 3D


Another installment of 140, as well as some kickin' psy trance goodness.

Photos are here, and remember, you can leave comments there too ;)

What the fuck...


Why doesn't anyone leave any comments on here? Why no interaction people! I know I suck, but every time I consider just taking this down, there's a revolt!

There are RSS feeds on the left (RSS story feed, and RSS events feed) if that'll help. Feedback is welcome on this topic -- I don't mind if I blow and could do something better ;)

Edit: perhaps it's better that nobody does ;)

Wounded! Man down, man doooownnnn!!!

RamblingsOn Sunday, I had a bit of an "incident" with a cat and a broken wine glass..

DJ Scot Project (Germany) @ 3D


DJ Scot Project played 3D last Friday.

Shots are here.

Didn't actually get any of Scot Project, as Kokman and I left early due to the mainroom being waaaaay too fucken hot and smokey to deal with.

Earthcore 2006

RamblingsAnother one came, another one went, and this was to be the shortest attendance on my part yet.

Kisha callin' the birds

RamblingsThe first installment of probably many, showing the different sides of Kisha, my cat.

Technoir @ a warehouse


A fucken awesome party (excepting this issue with Melbourne thinking that electro is now techno :( ) was had at an undisclosed warehouse in Coburg. It was just the party I needed -- getting incredibly sick of "parties" just being held at shitty clubs.

Check out the photos :)

New photos


Just a quick one to let you know that I've finally caught up with some backlog with my photography :)

Check out the photos from when Robyn and I went camping down at Lorne here.

Better yet, check out the 2006 NGK Rally of Melbourne photos!

The gentleman

RamblingsMy good man, Kokman, just shared a charming, courageous story of chivalry.

Self-serving promotion


I had a friend, scootie, take some shots of me last week at 140 Techno & Trance. It was awesome, playing for a whole fifteen minutes :(

The owner shut the floor down as it was too late in the night. Hmmmmm.

Anyhow, check out the photos here.