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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:30 AM EST

Two awesome things to build: syslog-ng and apachetop

Nerd StuffAfter recently receiving a great freebie from a friend (a VPS host), I've been delving into the Gentoo Linux distribution. I'm kinda impressed thus far with emerge/portage as compared against pkgsrc, but also found these two lovely apps.

The Every Drop Shower SaverŪ


Ah... just another excellent example of an awesome invention that is so stupidly simple, and will probably make the creator, Michael Stavrou, a considerable sum of money.

The Every Drop Shower SaverŪ is a paddle-like device which is inserted at the base of your existing shower stem.

The sheer simplicity of this design invites anyone taking a shower to flick the water ON and OFF more easily than ever before. This elegant device encourages everyone in your family to switch the water off while soaping, shampooing, and shaving legs. Only a flick of the wrist is needed to turn the water completely OFF and back ON.

Read the ABC's The New Inventors article here.

Brilliant. The Every Drop Shower Saver.

The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face

Nerd StuffGot sent an awesome link by Kokman. I love it. I love hating iPhones and iPhone dipshits. Check it here.

Tracking the Internet into the 21st Century with Vint Cerf


And while I'm on a YouTube posting spree, this too is a fascinating presentation by Vint. For those of you that weren't on the net back in the 90s, it has some funny historical info too (bet you've never heard of, or used, an acoustic coupler -- I have! :P)

David Allen on "Knowledge Work Athletics"


Got sent this by Rob -- spare the time if you have it, it's quite an interesting presentation, and now has me interested in checking out Getting Things Done.


PhotographyFound this today via a forum. Really quite awesome.

"This site converts bitmap images to vector images - it's an online auto-tracer.

Just upload your image and we will vectorize it for you."

Movember 2007 finished :)


My first Movember is over :)

Chopchop says thanks to all that donated :)


Thanks to you guys, I raised $415.55!

Our team raised a total of $746.65!

Awesome work, and thanks again.

Movember 2007

RamblingsMovember - Sponsor Me

That's right -- I'm doing the Movember thing this year :)

Please read on for more information; especially, how to donate to a very worthy cause...

The lava footprint


Just read another excellent article from Danny Katz of The Age.

I gave up Ann-Margret to save the planet.

Cisco Networkers 2007

RamblingsI went to Brisvegas last week to attend the 2007 installment of Networkers.