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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:30 AM EST

Techno Town!


Techno, Acid, Schranz, NO MINIMAL!

Yo yo, bitches! It's Techno Town time!

Would love you to all come along and have a gander, and feel the power of true techno (not this crap that Melbourne has been serving up the last year!)

I'm playing 11-12, so come along, check it out, free entry, drink specials... and tasty, bangin' tech... what more could a human want?!?

Fo shiz.

Ninja cat doesn't move!


Funny shit :)

Facebook's EULA

RamblingsAfter keenly following the recent tirade of news about Google's new Chrome browser, I discovered something disturbing about Facebook's EULA:

VMware ESX 3i for free

Nerd Stuff


VMware finally made the move that everybody predicted and was awaited for a long time: releasing its hypervisor for free.

During the Q2 2008 earnings call the company announced that before the end of July (the planned date is July 28) it will release the Update 2 for VMware Infrastructure 3.5 and that will give away the lightweight edition of the product, ESX 3i, for free.

Totally, awesome.

Back from Japan

RamblingsJust got back from Japan on holidays... full writeup done hopefully this weekend, and photos are coming along slowly :)

Microsoft Word And Evil AutoCorrect

Nerd Stuff

I may be alone on this one, but I really, really hate Microsoft Word's AutoCorrect features. It's usually the first thing I turn off when having just installed Office, or upgraded.

Yes Microsoft, I have a fucking brain, I can fucking spell, and if I want yet another variant of spellcheck, I'll ask for one, mmkay?

The only cool feature of it is substituting in handy symbols not easily keyed in, like the copyright symbol. Apart from that, not interested. I've created a piece of VB script/macro that makes it easy to torch most entries out of the AutoCorrect list, so read on...

Worlds Greatest Shave 2008


Haven't I become quite the little activist lately :\

Work hosted a shaving session for Worlds Greatest Shave and I took photos -- we raised over $2000 apparently!

Earth Hour 2008


C'mon people, it isn't that hard, and it only takes an hour of artificial light out of your evening :)

Click here and then join up so that my stats look good ;)



Went to a nice little party last weekend, run by an old friend that I hadn't talked to since 1992 :)

Photos are here :)

Rainbow Serpent 2008!


Finally, my shots of Rainbow 2008 are up :)

Enjoy, and leave comments and ratings!