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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:32 AM EST

Hitting rock bottom hard

Member PostsWell, here we go again. Rant mode firmly engaged.

More peculiar

Member PostsRat gets in touch with his feminine side...

On the topic of Consideration...

Member PostsA funny side of consideration...

Spare clothesline anyone?

RamblingsAll I'd like to do is wash and dry some clothes...


RamblingsBlah, my thumb still hurts... stoopid sexy office shenanigans.

Pass the sucker cure, please...

RamblingsPost Tribes, politics, money, we've got it all...

Slowly but surely

RamblingsI love waking up to the alluring sounds of gentle but constant rain :) :) :)

I'm slowly tailoring the site to include all the good bits of the old one, and to throw in nice, new good shit. Bear with me. You can start submitting stuff if you like, including site suggestions. Post ideas in the Suggestions section.

A new look, but the same old shit

RamblingsYou've been waiting desperately for it (not), and here it is -- the new Auto Lingography.

House parties, Tribes

RamblingsHouse partying, St. Kilda festival, work and a bit of self-reflection/reassessment.

On and on...

RamblingsClub party, site changes, St. Kilda Festival.