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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:32 AM EST

It MAY just happen

Member PostsJason cleans his house. News at 10.

The world we (I) live in...

RamblingsI am, in only 2.5 weeks, jobless yet again. The company I was contracting to had their contracts with the end client terminated. Love it. I got overnight notice. Called Wednesday night to be told to not bother coming in the next day. I love company politics, so so very much... not.

Thankyou Kathy for being a great friend and being there for me. I'm sorry I dumped on you. And thanks to AJ.

First paycheque

RamblingsHeh, how's this for a first paycheque (from the new job, after all my obligatory deductions that had piled up from the previous shithole):

05/06/2003 CMS QUICKLINE CMS P/L Credit $18.52

Bam! Thanks a bunch, Digital Wanksona.

On and on is all we are

RamblingsDoofage, lifeage, and donuts...

Moving right along...

RamblingsWork is better, money is better, life is coming back together...

Some useful stuff from The Age today (gasp!)

Member PostsMy bro joined up! Talk of Yoda's film success, and the evil ritual of shaving...

touchy feely

WhingesJayney whinges about something that right royally shits me too...

Lazyass slacker bitchlips

RamblingsI've been shitful at keeping this up to date lately, so I shall do something about this soon. Or something.

Rest assured, life is great once again :)

Kuffeh, you're a poof.

AJ, Kuffeh has a Rollins quote on her site. I think you two need to rub elbows conducively, banther fodder-like.

My surname

RamblingsNever seen it spelt this way...

The Matrix Reloaded

RamblingsIf you've seen the movie, please take part in the poll down the righthand side, and add comments to for all to see :)