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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:32 AM EST

The nerd crew, cats and food

RamblingsGod, what a bizarre subject line.

Sweet lord! 50 stories! Yay for me or something.

Find the pics Grant took here.

Hightened intelligence

Random ThoughtsHere's an MSN name of a "friend" that I used to work with:

*** "Everthing that has a beginning has an end........."

Wow, pretty fucking deep huh.

This is the same guy that took a picture of a shit, yes, a shit, he'd done in the toilet with his Nokia phone and sent it around to "the boys".

Weird dream...

RamblingsI had an odd dream this morning. I was with E and we were going to a concert at the MCG to see one of those Sca bands... I despise sca.

Anyhow, we were waiting for the roadies to unload OUR gear -- it wasn't musical equipment... I actually have no idea what it was, except that it was in silver transport cases.

Help me.

Birthday money and relatives

RamblingsEvery year, I get a cute little cheque from my grandparents for my birthday. Every year, I'm faced with the problem of whether or not I should cash said cheque. I mean, with what I earn, versus them being pensioners et cetera... anyone else have this problem?

Aww, poor Hewitt

RamblingsMr. CMOOOOOOON bombs out nice and early from Wimbledon blaming a split with his coach and parental issues, and yet Schumacher soldiers on.

Marriage, doco, birthdays, music

RamblingsCookie and B, nerd stuff and music; what an odd weekend.

Business ethics, from someone respectable

Random ThoughtsA wonderful article found out there on the net, about a man that actually does deserve his balloon payout, Jack Welch.

Especially close to my heart, this one, after the latest dodgy company that fucked me.


RamblingsI spent about an hour today in queues. Two of them. One at the post office attempting to renew my PO box, and the other at the local service station, while Dr. Hippy juggled customers AND a phone call for the boss.

The best thing? Queue 1 took $40 from me, queue 2 took around $25 from me and didn't have the correct fucking tobacco that I smoke.

Not to mention a not-pleasant interaction with someone close to me.

I know, I'm ranting and sound depressing... sorry.


RamblingsI was walking down St. Kilda Road, back from yet another interview, going through all the different things I should/need to be considering (paying for the car, rent, food, bills), when I look up and see a guy checking the parking meter coin-return slots for money.

It put things, and me, back into perspective a little.

Celebrity corner

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