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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:32 AM EST

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Member PostsFred Numf Vs. 5 Point O' Hong Kong Junkie

Review to follow...

Shiftwork, urgh

RamblingsI hate shiftwork, I hate shiftwork, I hate shiftwork, I hate shiftwork, I hate shiftwork, I hate shiftwork, I hate shiftwork, I hate shiftwork, I hate shiftwork, I hate shiftwork :(

This is a blank title, I think

RamblingsI'm happy. Last weekend was great, news that has flowed in on other things has been anything but bad (which is good), and I don't regret recent things said.


RamblingsDad had another heart attack last night. Mary called me this morning, and what did I do straight after the call?

Had a cigarette.

Sorry about the rant yesterday; seems I'm more fucked than I thought.

Lost focus...

RamblingsI'm confused about some things lately. Well, perhaps not confused, but moreso at that point after being royally fucking pissed off at people for things; that moment where you just feel disappointed and thoughts of "Why did I bother" float in the head... (Watch me lose even more readers and/or friends over THIS one...)


WhingesAs a general rule, on-the-road gawkers really shit me.


RamblingsI got a turn on the auspicious and rare clothesline!


I guess the hogger's Early Warning And Alarm System is faulty; either that, or they're too busy doing whateverthefuck it is they do to notice (ie. when I have to repeatedly knock on their backdoor so that I can remind them that the fucking driveway is not a fucking parking lot.

Is my life coming together or what!

Yay for Nay!

RamblingsShopping, mixing, lack of sleep, shiftwork adjusting...

Microsoft denies there is a problem with its Windows Update patching system

Nerd StuffAUGUST 14, 2003 (COMPUTERWORLD) Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Update patch management program has a critical shortcoming that in some cases could fool users into thinking their systems are properly patched against some vulnerabilities when in fact they aren't.

The latest noise...

RamblingsNot a lot to say lately... work is slow, life is ok if not poor... looking forward bigtime to the upcoming gig -- IF YOU'RE COMING PLEASE CALL ROB AS PER THE E-MAIL AND RSVP & PAY!!!

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