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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:34 AM EST

Reflective dreams

RamblingsRemembered, or broke out of, a dream that I had last night...

Style changed back

RamblingsI liked my CSS goodness better, so I've changed all the look-n-feel back.

I know you all care.

Upgrade done...

Nerd StuffJust a quick note to say that I've upgraded to the latest Geeklog backend, so if anything appears to be broken (and I wouldn't be surprised, because the folks at Geeklog sure know how to make it fucking near impossible to do a clean upgrade), please mail me and let me know.

I've removed user choice in themes as I wanna keep some consistency happenin', and let me know if you like this stock version of Smooth_Blue instead of my tailored one (font changes etc).

Christmas shopping


So, in my usual graceful fashion, I started and finished christmas shopping yesterday, and strangely don't have 100 stories to tell of all the annoyances encountered!

Chick at Toys R Us saying that it is the LAW for all companies to accept "company cheques".

Sweet Dreams...

Member PostsI had an awesome dream last night. Made even better by the fact that it has been many a year since I remembered a dream.

Girls! Pee standing up!

RamblingsMan sometimes I love going through old bookmarks. I looked at an old friends site, only to find...

Christmas shindig

RamblingsLast Thursday our team had our little christmas lunch thing, and never ever ever have I felt sooooo young...

Betabitch, my hero

RamblingsI just discovered this weblass last night... check her site out via my Links, I think it's worth it :)

Low cost electricity

RamblingsYeah baby, I loved opening this letter...


RamblingsI think I've come up with the right way to describe what I've been the last 12 odd months... a ghost.