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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:34 AM EST

This is an awesome program. CHECK IT OUT

Member PostsIain discovers the joy of "gesture" utilities...

The world she changeth...

RamblingsDid you know these little facts? The 10 hottest years on record have all occurred since 1991, and that, according to insurance giant Munich Re, 700 natural disasters last year claimed 50,000 lives, almost five times as many as in 2002. Temperatures in Germany alone between July and August were of a kind that might be expected to happen only once in Europe in 450 years. By 2020, such heatwaves might happen every 20 years.

Mmmmm, global climate change...

Verh-sus, and being at one like a child

RamblingsHad a great weekend! :) Through all this shitty job and finance issueage, I'm proud that at least I'm using my time wisely :)

Mars, Spirit rover, and photos

RamblingsThere has been debate recently on Slashdot (and no doubt elsewhere) about the legitimacy of doctoring photos that come from NASA, specifically the Rover/Mars thing.


RamblingsDon't we all just love a funny t-shirt...

Heated doof

RamblingsSpent last Saturday over at the Dark House of Nem kickin tha beats.

Earthcore 2003 video footage!

DownloadsChris shot some footage while we were at Earthcore... it ain't magnificent, but it's still a record of the doof :)

DSC-F828 Cyber-shotŪ Digital Camera

Nerd Stuff

Oh dear god, I want one :(

The DSC-F828.

Aging Well: Surprising Guideposts to a Happier Life

RamblingsI recently got sent an interesting e-mail about this book, written by George E. Vaillant.

SmartDisk FlashTrax

Nerd StuffYet another toy people need to buy me:

FlashTrax is an innovative handheld device that allows you to expand the use of your digital camera and multimedia files. With simple controls and high-speed transfers, FlashTrax allows you to store, view, and play all sorts of media files, all in one palm-size, portable device.

Check it here.