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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:34 AM EST

A new Toyota please

RamblingsHeh, excellent... wish I could have been a part of this competition ;)

Best flash game ever

Member PostsFlash games from Iain!

The name "Sharon"

RamblingsThere is only one person that makes the name Sharon sexy... Sharon Stone. That is all ;)

The sleep of the dead

WhingesNow I know that Ling will understand this, and it isn't really a whinge, but it is.

Spin spin spin...

RamblingsA good last weekend had, considering I had to work :/

Britain introduces anti-rave thought crime legislation

RamblingsThis story courtesy of and Jonty Adderley of

A bit of trivia

Member PostsWell I know its strange, but knowing some of the users of this site, it is probably perfectly placed. ;)

Pleasant postie!

RamblingsQuiet times, good deliveries...


RamblingsIt's a sad day.

Aerogel, pure silicon dioxide

Nerd StuffAn interesting article from the New York Times on Aerogel -- the least dense solid in existence.