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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:34 AM EST

The funniest humour I have read in a long time!

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I was pissing myself laughing for a good couple of hours.

I know that short one liner jokes went out of fashion a long time ago, but you really should look at these as they are really quite imaginative. As far as jokes go anyway.

OH&S gone too far, or are people just getting more stupid?


A recent addition to all the coffee machines here at work -- a sticker, stating the obscure; "CAUTION, BOILING WATER."

Well shit on me, I never knew.

Honeymoon is over bebbe

RamblingsThe great thing about shift, the breaks off. The shit thing about shift? Having to go back to shift.

The seesaw tips

RamblingsI was wondering when things would turn around and bring me back down to earth a little...

Time for a little culture

Member PostsThe E man gets all yogurted ;)

New designer drugs are just a click away

RamblingsAn interesting article from The Guardian on new drugs that are legally-purchasable over the net.


RamblingsAhhh, what a wonderful time that can be had in the right company :)))

Game of skill

Member PostsOk check this one out if you have time.

It isn't like those other games of skill that are around.

Stickman... My hero!

Member PostsMore games from the E man! (oh god...)

Scientists Find Ozone-Destroying Molecule


Using measurements from a NASA aircraft flying over the Arctic, Harvard University scientists have made the first observations of a molecule that researchers have long theorized plays a key role in destroying stratospheric ozone, chlorine peroxide.

Full story here.