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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:34 AM EST

Bill and his dots


There is a guy at work that seems to have a lot of issues with Channel 10's self-promotion campaign.

Minor feature-add to the site

Nerd Stuff

I've added a nice little Geeklog block on the right to show stats on my Gallery, hope you find it useful :)

Sports Illustrated's digital workflow


"Think we edit fast?" Fine asks, as more images flash by. "I'd be going faster if this shitty computer wasn't so slow." That shitty computer is a dual-Xeon 2.4GHz machine with 1.5GB of RAM.

Now THIS is water cooling!


And more good stuff from!

The size of the nanograss will depend on its application. In the case of chips, they would be used in channels that could be as much as several hundred microns in diameter. A human hair is about a hundred microns.

Full story here.

Lifting the lid on computer filth

RamblingsAn excellent article forwarded onto me by nemesis about office and computer germs.

Too early...

RamblingsHaving to be up before the sun is fucked. Having a shit job is fucked. No lights at end of tunnels is fucked. Doing a terribly bad mix, fucked. Mixed signals from people, fucked. Over it, ready for a new game now thanks.

Grand prix, Tribes, girth...

RamblingsSo I guess some people are interested in how last weekend went, so I guess I best put something up about it :)

Hard Kandy shoot

PhotographyAs I didn't really mention it anywhere, and if you're interested, check out a shoot I did at Hard Kandy a few weeks ago here. Average shots, but the lighting was crapola :P

Dumped again

Member PostsWelcome to Dumpsville, population me.

Too busy?


I'm curious about how communications happens these days, particularly in reference to phone calls and SMSs...