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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:33 AM EST

Reminds me of you!

Member PostsYou need sound. Check out the link

Dear everyone, I am a toyboy!

Member PostsTo all who know me, it has been pointed out that I am the toyboy of the office. Whilst many have strived to achieve this prestigious title (I don't know if I am honoured or not) I have risen to the challenge and assumed the worst title in the office (Yet again)...

CBA banking

RamblingsObviously, working for "another bank" I seldom use my Commonwealth accounts anymore, but this is just going too far...

The death of dinosaurs

RamblingsA guy at work on the topic of dinosaurs and their extinction...

A very auspicious day!

Ramblings(Backdated entry) Today will be a day that goes down in my musical history as mucho importanto :)

Anyone want a great guitar?

RamblingsI'm selling my much-loved but never-used professional Ibanez lead guitar... check out the auction over here if you're interested :)

Answers, work, life


Plodding along, doing ok... some answers found, others raised, fairly quiet as of late...

Signage fun


Children of the night

Member PostsTo all and sundry... All I would like to say to those amongst us who are fortunate enough to work night shift...

Doesn't it Fucking suck!

Friends that are wise to keep


Once in a while, you're reminded of the friends you should try hard to keep...