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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:33 AM EST

Sexy fish!

RamblingsLife is good, Riot is coming up on the weekend, and finally I have some weekends off!

Renovation hell

WhingesSo, I thought, finally the clothes line hogging noisy tools had moved, that all would be good in lingland. New people, perhaps new goodness. No donut.

Yay for petrol prices

RamblingsSo I filled up the other night, knowing that prices were going to go up...


Member PostsBored at work, found this exciting site...

Bizarre dreams...

RamblingsI had yet another strange dream the other morning, and have absolutely no idea what it's meant to mean.

Exposť for Windows!

Nerd StuffIn the same vein as Iain's wonderful StrokeIt! utility post, check THIS shit out...


Member PostsSharni sets me a small challenge it would seem ;)


RamblingsI don't think I've ever produced this much snot in my entire life. Man am I ill... and so is Chris, so we must have gotten it from Pharmacy last weekend. I just don't get where it all comes from! And you blow your nose, and twenty seconds later there's more! Hrmph.

The Technics SL1200MK5G Limited Edition

RamblingsOh my god, I want one, not that it'd ever make sense to buy one...

Vanity plates

Ramblingslol... I got this from a workmate today; someone at my place of employ is selling some personalised numberplates that my mate thought I'd be interested in (not that vanity plates do anything for me)...