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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:33 AM EST

Rat noir

Member PostsAs a younger boy my Uncle had a million of these things ... and THIS is the only one I can remember. Anyone who knows anymore would give me back a shunk of my childhood ground out by the horrible weight of the world.

Computers Chase the Checkered Flag

Nerd StuffA good article by the NY Times about Formula One racing technology.

Check it out here.

RIP legends

Member PostsThis week saw the passing of yet another legend ...

ASCII Star Wars!

Nerd Stuff

This is gold! Requires telnet out access, so may not work from work.

Click here, or telnet to!

The Dangers of Abstinence

Member PostsMasturbation has numerous positive health effects and health experts and sex therapists say it is a normal, natural and useful activity. Abstaining from masturbation could have negative consequences for one's health and wellbeing.


Member PostsFact-Areenies About Church
Fact-Areenies About Masturbation
Fact-Areenies About Porn
Fact-Areenies About Porn "Addiction"

Odd dream, again...

RamblingsI sometimes like it when people ring me and awake me -- it means I get to remember my dreams!

MTC party goodness

RamblingsWhat started out as a quiet, not-doing-much weekend turned into a blast :)

Excellent Photoshop work!

RamblingsI can't believe I didn't think of this :(

Chivalry is still alive

RamblingsSeems that it is still occasionally appreciated, big or small...