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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:33 AM EST

I am great.

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Drinking never made her look so good!

Member PostsSee, I don't just have a one track mind!

Who needs decks?

Member PostsWho needs decks, when you have the web...

check it out.

Some dumb redneck dug a hole.

Member PostsWell, I did find this quite amusing, but towards the end, I got somewhat disturbed...

The story of a man and his hole!

One for the ladies

Member PostsColin Farrel the actor, has been in many a film... Daredevil (he was bullseye) and... well I am not going to repeat them all, because it is quite a mouthful...

Cruelty to animals!

Member PostsThis world that we live in is filled with images of inhumane cruelty to animals...

Its nearly legal!

Member PostsDue to the nature of a select group of my male friends, I thought it pertinent that I start posting certain information...

Ho Chi Minh is the Asian Colonel Sanders!

Member PostsRecent evidence proving beyond reasonable doubt that Ho Chi Minh is actually realted to Colonel Sanders (A.k.a. That chicken guy!)

Click here for the sorrid details

Microsoft patents human batteries

Member PostsDon't know the validity of these facts, but I might have come across some information and it may be true. Or it might be a whole lot of crap. Or it might be really old info and I am just behind the times. At any rate, check it out...

Porn Porn Porn Porn Porn Porn Porn Porn

Member PostsOMG. PORN. What more can I say.

Click me if you dare!