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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:33 AM EST

Sharni's Assessment

RamblingsSharni felt the need to put me through two online assessments last night...

Balancing Act

Member PostsOhmigawd ... another of life's little problems examined

Temporary downage

RamblingsBear with me as I change providers, and await the dumbshits to get half a clue about Internet routing and advertising my Class C. Hrmph.

Please doon't dig up the grave ...


Strongbad Email.

It's always so funny ... but this had me crying ..

Stomach ulcers


So it would seem that I have a stomach ulcer. I'm really interested in peoples opinions on the subject, including symptoms, cures, stories, wives tales, etc.

Please, contribute, I emplore you :P

Oh Maria!


Stumbled upon yesterday...

Maria World.

Pharmacy, work, stuff...

RamblingsPharmacy was great the other night, and so are my holidays :)

F3ll0wsh1p of teh R1ng

Member PostsStolen from somewhere....
I know that I have geek-like tendencies. -----

The oddest things...

RamblingsI keep getting reminded... the nuclear waste remains from a dessert on a stove, the shifting of gears feeling so different, every time I'm offered a plastic bag at a shop, techno... all reminds me of her.

I was laughing for a good...5 seconds

Member PostsOk, I found this and it kept me amused for a good couple of minutes.