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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:32 AM EST

Another auspicious day!

RamblingsMarking this day as auspicious as this one, once again the Technics gods smiled upon me and gave me my second SL1200 mkII :) That is all :P

Drivethrough akshun

RamblingsSo I'm out with the Grunta last night to get some chowder, and after much ado finding most places dead, resign to getting KFC.

Best whites under $20?


I just wanted peoples opinions on what good white wines they enjoy that are under $20 :)

Two ones I like are Sticks which is a chardonnay (also has red variant) and Four Sisters, which is a nice sauvignon blanc.

Great weekend

RamblingsAfter a fairly quiet couple of weeks on holidays, Robyn returned from China and we did stuff :)

The Audiopad

RamblingsA very interesting little invention sent to me by Martin... look for the demo down the side of the page. I see a LOT of potential for this to be useful do VJs.

Site upgraded

RamblingsI've updated the backend software. Let me know if any issues are spotted.

DeNiro move over

Member PostsNever thought I'd see the day ...

2004 MTV Movie Awards

RamblingsHaving been that moved by two particular performances on the show last night, I was compelled to rant ;)

Bizarre MSN chat additions

RamblingsSometimes I get the most odd people adding me to their contact lists.

The demented cat

RamblingsWhilst on the phone to Louisa last night, she told me about a house she was sitting.