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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:31 AM EST

Super hero movies

RamblingsIs it just me or is everyone getting tired of all the super hero movies?

Oprah doing more good

RamblingsOn the news last night was a little story on the latest wonder that Oprah has cast upon us all.

The legal street dealer

RamblingsIt has snuck up quietly, but a new (and yet still old) shady dealer is on our streets...

Joy of joys!

RamblingsRock the fuck on... Six Feet Under is back on teev :) :) All hail the Programmer Thingy Guy.

Do you have e-mail?

RamblingsA conversation had yesterday with my local estate agent...

Kuffeh gives homie lessons

RamblingsIn a little chat with Kuffeh, she decided to teach me the origins of some Homie talk...

Moving right along...

RamblingsIt's been a little while since my last drivel, and that'd be due to the new job, life and normal stuff getting in the way.

Avoiding disappointment

Member PostsCan't resist any longer ...

Reality show

Member PostsOk, I know that most of you don't like reality TV, but here is a new reality show... Cartoons, drawn together, in real life, non-scripted, and behind a million cameras, in a totally believe-able setting...

Linky linky

Busy busy

RamblingsSoz... when I get a spare chance to breathe I'll put more useless crap on here to read...