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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:29 AM EST

WebOS and no bookmarks?

Palm Pre

Quick tip I discovered by accident: If you're running 2.1 and you have the issue where no bookmarks show in the bookmark viewer (yet you know they're there), cycle your wifi (or possibly even just radio).

Blam, there's your bookmarks.

Let me know your results via my poll/comments:

This poll is closed for voting.
Did cycling your network on WebOS 2.1 fix your bookmark viewing issue?

1/1: So, did it fix the issue?

Yep, sure did 66.67%
Nope :( 33.33%

The Pre, Facebook and timezone issues

Palm Pre

A lot of people have noticed that the Pre typically shows Facebook events at the wrong times.

This article is my crack at clearing things up.

O2's response regarding the Pre

Palm Pre

The saga continues... this time, find my questions and the responses from O2 Germany.

eXpansys Australia, and their Hong Kong offices warranty policy on the Palm Pre

Palm Pre

In my continued mission to try to find somewhere to order an unlocked Pre, I've received this info from eXpansys.

Palm's warranty/support policy officially defined (for German Pre imports at least)

Palm Pre

The last step before buying an imported Pre for me is the angle of warranty repairs. I've just heard too many stories already about dead pixels, and bad slider stuff.

I decided to have a live chat with Palm. Caveat_emptor for those that would choose to buy from Ebay or similiar, and not retail outlets! Read more for the results.

VMware's ESX 3 bizarre iSCSI implementation

Nerd Stuff

At work, we run a pretty sizable EMC SAN. Recently, I was faced with having to move some VM disks around to get one specifically onto a 15k RAID group, but fell into the age-old trap of not leaving enough free space on all RG's so that there is "scratch" space to move things around.

I borrowed a cheapass "NAS" box that was new and yet to be used by another group.]

This story is about my journey with implementing iSCSI. These are their stories.

The Pre is better, it really is

Palm Pre

Another excellent article pointing out why the Pre is better than the iPhone.

Top10 reasons to get a Palm Pre instead of an iphone

The new Canon 1D MKIV


This body is so bloody impressive under low light that I just had to mention it.

Check out Vincent Lafloret's take on this awesome new beast -- especially the video. Oh, my, god.

The Palm Pre is not coming to Asia Pacific anytime soon

Palm Pre

Well, I've gotten confirmation of the rumours that I didn't want to hear, from Palm themselves.

Liu Bolin -- The Invisible Man


I may be slow on the uptake here, but this stuff is brilliant :)

Liu Bolin...The Invisible Man...

A news report