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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:31 AM EST

More on daylight saving

RamblingsWhile on the subject of daylight saving in a story below, I figured it would be prudent to explain the whole purpose of it.

Fish porn casts sexy lure


"Fish can be turned on by an aquatic equivalent of pornography, according to research revealed yesterday."

I was searching for something else, and came across this little gem!

Sleepin' bad

RamblingsFor the last one or two weeks, I've been sleeping bad, walking around like a zombie.

Sorry to drag it out...

RamblingsPolitics... it fires everyone up... A great article in The Age yesterday...

Tool neighbour saga Part 3


Heh. Guess who got a short and polite note and a copy of the Body Corporate rules in the mail earlier this week?

What, a, classic.

Keep a good thing comin'

RamblingsYay, my vote counted. Yay for yet another amazing example of a dickhead put forward by the opposition not getting into power. Yay for an incompetant mob not getting into power. Yay.

Tool neighbour saga continues

RamblingsWith the clothes line hogging noisy tools saga long gone, and their replacements doing a fine job of carrying the torch, fun continues to ensue.

Secret origins

Member PostsHave you ever wondered where the moniker Ratboy comes from?

Well, I have ...

Reow, how attractive

RamblingsAlthough smoking is a bad habit, is killing me, and provides no real positive slant, I'm compelled to occasionally comment on things I see whilst outside.

Dead pie

RamblingsI did something rather stupid last night...