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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:31 AM EST

Earthcore 2004!

RamblingsThe brilliance that is Earthcore was just on, and as hoped, everyone had a good time.

Adam Jay

RamblingsWent and saw Jeff Mills for the first time ever (that I can remember) a couple of Fridays ago.

Go Dolphins!

RamblingsA refreshingly nice read from a friend about some dolphins that saved people from getting eaten.

Liddle Facts

RamblingsI don't mind a bit of Spring Valley drink akshun at lunchtime, and sometimes the little facts printed on the inside of the lid are humourous...


RamblingsI just went for a stroll down to the newsagency...

Eleventh of the Eleventh

RamblingsI went to the Shrine today.

Grampians shots finally up

PhotographyAfter a lot of touching up, watermarking and crap, my visit to the Grampians is finally up. Werd.

Bust it, or lack thereof

RamblingsAfter a well-planned long weekend, I'm left feeling rather doofless.

Not intentionally spamming

Member PostsThis afternoon I was talking to our receptionists and said to them, "Upon the morrow, once more into the breach". They looked at me strange (as usual). And then I realised that I knew it was from Shakespeare but no idea where from :(

Feeling lonely?

WhingesSo I go away for a niiiiice little retreat for the weekend, and switch the work mobile back on...