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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:31 AM EST

Parachute pants

RamblingsHeh, Kaff sent me this... I wish I'd thought of it back in my sign-doing days...

The Stomach That Would Shit (me)

RamblingsMy stomach issue continues...

More fan troubles!!!! ARGH!


Seems I can't win lately with PC shit! Now one of my laptop CPU fans is dying/dead!

Meh. If anyone has a Dell Inspiron CPU fan they wanna point me to, please do...

Prepare to vomit

RamblingsDrinks with theGrunt last week appear to have photos published... look if you dare, don't blame me, alcohol was involved.

GPU Fans, Tribes, stuff

RamblingsFinally, finally I have a replacement fan for my video card... Tribes has come and gone, life continues.

A great joke...

QuotesI don't normally post jokes, but I liked this one :)

Musical intrigue

RamblingsTwo interesting bits of info from Triple J radio this morning...



Another fork in the road,
Another one lost.

Long Time

Member PostsWhile randomly typing in names of friends from my past I stumbled across this site, home of the Lingman. Its quite amusing to see the progression from "Bin and Purge" in Denbeigh St to Doof Doof down Chapel St. It won't be too hard for an all knowing Guru such as yourself to work out the source of this post so send me a line in the near future if you so wish and we can catch up mate. Though I would like to know one thing....did you ever finish your degree or are you in the same boat as me??? :) Cheers from the Denbeigh Dungeon!!!!

Sennheiser -- The German brand made in Ireland


They arrived... and so fast! My Senni HD25 headphones have arriveddddddddddddddd!!!!

And as expected, they really suck... not.