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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:31 AM EST

Medically, you're sound (in C sharp)

RamblingsA great week for music, good company, and scientific health.

Some mothers do avem

RamblingsAnother interesting visit to a specialist, attempting some VoIP, stomach normality and more strange visits to the local BP...

Godzilla vs. the Giant Scissors


A great article forwarded onto me by The Yak, abstract:

Film directors who once stood helpless while studios recut their movies can now console themselves with "directors' cuts" put out on DVD. This option was not available to the influential Japanese director Ishiro Honda, whose 1954 classic "Godzilla" - known in Japan as "Gojira" - made a household name of the towering reptile who stomped a miniature Tokyo into the ground while raking the landscape with his fiery thermonuclear breath.

Check it out here.

OK Cupid test results

Random ThoughtsI got sent this by someone, so I gave it a go.


Random ThoughtsI got a call from the Real Estate agent on Tuesday evening, wanting to talk about leases...

URGENT BREAKING NEWS: Scientists Solve Riddle of Unpopped Popcorn


From Slashdot:

"Unpopped kernels, it turns out, have leaky hulls that prevent the moisture pressure buildup needed for them to pop and lack the optimal hull structure that allows most kernels to explode."

Read more here. Groundbreaking stuff!

I don't get it

Member PostsDumper-ed again, well and proper. SMS again but this time with a twist.

MSN, the pot of gold for aliases

RamblingsI've discovered that I have an excellent mix of contacts on MSN, and almost always, their screen names are a classic. Rarely, they form great combinations...

Moments to cherish

RamblingsIt's funny how certain events make you think differently about things; it's great when you have the capability to.

Are you smrat?

RamblingsI got one of those typical "test your intelligence" e-mails at work last week...