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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:31 AM EST

Prerequisite for job: be a tool

WhingesWhy do all Account Managers, just like salespeople, have to be complete and total wankers?

Strange MSN people

RamblingsI get the occasional request to authorise people to add me to their contact list... I have no idea how they find me...

Well now, this says it all...

SlashdotThose that know me, know how I feel about paper certifications, and particularly Microsoft ones... from Slashdot: Microsoft's 10-year-old Certified Professional.

Herald Sun FUD up once again

WhingesIt must be that time when the Herald Sun don't have some scandalous report on which AFL coach swore at a supporter or something else equally stupid for their front page...

DJ Keltech

RamblingsZharradan gave me a link to this guy today... seriously, even if you don't like doof, or hip hop, or scratching, just give this a quick go...

Bush administration annexes internet

Ramblingstheregister reports that the US government has decidede to reneg on its promise to hand over DNS root name server control to countries... joy.

Best, concert, sign, ever

RamblingsI was looking through some photos of this year's Glastonbury Festival and found one of the best crowd sign I've ever seen...

Through children Man attains immortality

Member PostsI spend too much time thinking about the past

Dad's, Kisha and stuff

RamblingsWent up to Dad's a few weekends ago for a nice weekend getaway, and last weekend, Kisha came into my life :)

Arse Biscuits with Bacon and Toe CHEEEESE

Member PostsAt work... Bummer