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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:30 AM EST

One-Fifth of Human Genes Have Been Patented, Study Reveals


A new study shows that 20 percent of human genes have been patented in the United States, primarily by private firms and universities."

I dunno about you, but that just utterly freaks the shit out of me... the very core of our being, owned and commoditised...

Read more here.

It's commmmmminggggggggg!!!


Bought my ticket for Earthcore (finally) yesterday... man, more and more every year.

Anyhow, great news just in!

Updated gallery

PhotographyI've been waiting for this for a while... a new, major overhaul version of Gallery! I've updated my software, so let me know if there are any issues, and the Gallery is in the usual spot.

Should we accept this new 'planetoid'?

Member PostsJim Schembri's effort for today. I love his work :)

I love da interweb

RamblingsCheck out the three new links on the right... all, solid, gold.

Sept 22. Buy no petrol day.....

Member PostsFinal rant for the day.... Well for this intra sleep period anyways.... I got an email today (all capitals - make of that what you will) regarding how we are going to tackle the current fuel price hikes. I had to respond. With permission, I present the original mail and my response. All I ask is that you all take some time to think about it and tell me if I'm barking up the wrong tree....

The Yak is Back

Member PostsAnd first of all.... let me just say that the master of webs' post regarding Domino vs Outcrook is like a used pad to a bull... So I'm going there first.

Other than that, I think y'all gonna be reading a bunch of leftist agitprop should you choose to read my posts. We gotta get our world back peoples. It's getting late.

Fucking Microsoft

WhingesToday was a typical day for me an' Microsoft...

Bringing big grins to ones face...

RamblingsI think I've come a little way with all the DJing... and I'm certainly no novice either, yet still have a long way to go. Sometimes though, I get something that shows me I'm at least doing something good...

Death to Moogage :(

RamblingsFeh. Bob Moog died last week. One of the pioneers and grandfathers of electronic music (well, at least the moog instrument). RIP.