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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:30 AM EST

djtracker's 3rd Birthday


Another photo shoot, this time at djtracker's 3rd birthday, down at Gedde's Lane. Horrid lighting, so I apologise for the lack of quality shots.

Click here for the shots.

Milk laziness


What the FUCK is up with lazy gits that leave three drops of milk in work fridges and open a new one? is it THAT hard to just finish the first milk carton off and put it in a bin? Apparently it is. Apparently it's quite easy to get up, go TO the fridge, make your drink, open ANOTHER carton after exerting so much energy placing the first one back, but not to dispose of the almost-empty one.

I mean, seriously... what the fuck!

DJ Bossi @ 3D photo shoot

PhotographyMy shots are up that I did at CBD nightclub for the visit of half of Cosmic Date. These were the first shots taken with the new EOS 20D :)

Check them out here.



Practically at the top of her lungs, one of our "quirkier" managers asked me the other day if I go to a tanning salon.

I lost it. It was the funniest thing I'd heard so far in 2006. I quietly remarked that I do this thing called going to the beach.

A new year...

RamblingsI've been tremendously slack with updating this; Due to me thinking that nobody really reads it anyhow, I tend to slack off...

Haxorz this

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Having an SSH server sitting out there means that nasty people are all over you ... bitches!

Go hack these IP addresses now!

Earthcore 2005!

RamblingsMan, is it christmas already?!?? (How many times have you heard THAT so far :P)

Funny shit

RamblingsI get some funny shit from friends via MSN sometimes...

The company getaway

RamblingsLast weekend was the company all-paid-for getaway...

Long live tru metal

RamblingsEpisode one from the land of the incredibly long, even more incredibly grey cloud