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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:30 AM EST

eXpansys Australia, and their Hong Kong offices warranty policy on the Palm Pre

Palm Pre

In my continued mission to try to find somewhere to order an unlocked Pre, I've received this info from eXpansys.

After e-mailing their Australian office and receiving no response, I forwarded on my mail to what is presumably their UK head office. The lack of Australian response makes these two stories (here, and here) a bit more credible, sadly.

Whist I think some patriotic bullshit is well, frankly, stupid, I do think it's a tad strange and misleading that their site doesn't mention any of the below information.

I asked:


I was wondering if you can tell me several things:

  • If there is an issue with the phone as covered by normal warranty, who will service that warranty? Expansys Australia? And how is the returning process handled?
  • There is a lot of noise around on the Internet about Expansys Australia being shutdown or closed and another country handling their orders. Also that there is nobody answering queries and whatnot; what is your advice on this?


And they replied:

From: "xxx (Sales & Customer Service, eXpansys HK)"


Sorry we musy have missed your email before.

eXpansys provides a 1-year repair warranty for our customers (condition applies). If the goods are faulty after 7 days and within 1 year upon receiving, you can send the faulty goods to our Hong Kong office with relevant Invoice, eXpansys will arrange the repairing service for you.

Our AU office is closed due to company restructure, it is now our Hong Kong office here to take over the operations now.

For any enquires or anything you need, please feel free to contact me.

Fair enough, I think. But, after those stories above, and having to ship the phone back overseas to Hong Kong anyway, it sounds to me like importing from Germany may still be a smarter, and safer, option.

Next up, responses hopefully from both O2 in Germany, and another online store in Germany selling the unlocked Pre.

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