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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:30 AM EST

Palm's warranty/support policy officially defined (for German Pre imports at least)

Palm Pre

The last step before buying an imported Pre for me is the angle of warranty repairs. I've just heard too many stories already about dead pixels, and bad slider stuff.

I decided to have a live chat with Palm. Caveat_emptor for those that would choose to buy from Ebay or similiar, and not retail outlets! Read more for the results.

(Note: this is copied verbatim. No editing done, and used with permission.)

7:51 PM Examining network configuration...
7:51 PM Connecting to Rescue Gateway:
7:51 PM Connected to Rescue Gateway. A support representative will be with you shortly.
7:51 PM Support session established with M. Godoy.

7:51 PM M. Godoy: Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support, my name is Max, how may I help you today?
7:51 PM Jason Lingohr: Hi max
7:52 PM Jason Lingohr: Just a quick question on how Palm handles warranty.
7:52 PM Jason Lingohr: I'm in Australia. If I were to import a German GSM Palm Pre, how would warranty returns be handled?
7:52 PM Jason Lingohr: Can I just ship it direct back to Palm Germany? I'm guessing not to Palm Australia
7:53 PM M. Godoy: About the return Policy, you should handle it with the retailer properly in Germany.
7:53 PM Jason Lingohr: Ok so if it was bought from say, O2, I would have to return it to them?
7:53 PM M. Godoy: Yes, you should.
7:54 PM Jason Lingohr: Ok, but beyond that, there are no issues from Palm regarding it having been used overseas?
7:54 PM M. Godoy: The problem is that if you are not in the country of purchase, it would be delays problems in case of repair or exchange.
7:54 PM M. Godoy: In Germany we use the GSM norm, in 4 bands.

7:54 PM Jason Lingohr: Understood, but Palm give me no choice when they've chosen not to sell it here :(
7:55 PM Jason Lingohr: And it's such an amazing phone.
7:55 PM M. Godoy: If in Australia Cellphones works in that way, you might no having any problem.
7:55 PM Jason Lingohr: Yeah, we are GSM here too, and I have a friend that has already imported one and it works perfectly.
7:56 PM M. Godoy: The problem is that if you have any problem and you need to reach our technical Support centre, you should be calling here, to Germany.
7:57 PM Jason Lingohr: I will either learn German, or get a friend that speaks it to call. No problems there. And for most issues, I'm a technical person, so shouldn't need it. I'll only need it when I actually have a physical fault with the phone and need it repaired.
7:57 PM M. Godoy: Ok, If it works, You can, under your responsibility. The problem is that...
7:58 PM M. Godoy: Ok, the problem is that the phone might be working (or not) depending of the carrier, there in Australia.
7:58 PM M. Godoy: Anyway, if you need technical Support, you could always reach us here, or get the necessary info in our web page.

7:59 PM Jason Lingohr: Ok, understood. But in summary, if I buy the phone from something like ebay, I cannot return it directly back to you -- warranty is only honoured if returned through a retailer?
8:00 PM M. Godoy: As I know your carrier must able your phone there if it is an unlocked phone.
8:01 PM M. Godoy: That is right, Because we work under the EU costumer laws.
8:01 PM M. Godoy: Anyway, If you buy it in a retailer, you will have a complete warranty, the one that in "e-bay" you won't have.

8:02 PM Jason Lingohr: Ok, understood. Thankyou so much for your assistance! One final question. Do you mind if I reproduce our chat here on my blog? I can remove your name if you wish...
8:02 PM Jason Lingohr: Just so that others know the procedure too?
8:03 PM M. Godoy: We have no problem with that, because this is official Information.
8:03 PM Jason Lingohr: Excellent. Thanks again for your time. Danke!
8:03 PM M. Godoy: Bitte!
8:03 PM M. Godoy: Is there anything else I can do for you?

8:03 PM Jason Lingohr: No, that's it, thanks
8:04 PM M. Godoy: OK
8:04 PM M. Godoy: Thank you for contacting Palm technical Support, have a nice day!

8:04 PM Jason Lingohr: Bye :)

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