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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:29 AM EST

A timely camera settings reminder


Just a quick reminder to always check your camera settings before doing a shoot -- I was reminded of this recently when my partner came back from a holiday in South America.

She shot around 2,300 photos. We discovered that her IXUS was set to 640x480 resolution by accident. Bye bye any chance of getting reasonable prints even at 6x4 inch :(

Needless to say, hopefully that's a hard lesson learnt and it will never happen again!

So, moral of the story? Always check your settings before a shoot!

Signs include:

  • Your camera claims to be able to still have capacity of a stupidly large amount of shots
  • You take a ton and it still hasn't filled the card
  • Reviewing the photos seems to be far zippier than normal

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