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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:30 AM EST

Microsoft Word And Evil AutoCorrect

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I may be alone on this one, but I really, really hate Microsoft Word's AutoCorrect features. It's usually the first thing I turn off when having just installed Office, or upgraded.

Yes Microsoft, I have a fucking brain, I can fucking spell, and if I want yet another variant of spellcheck, I'll ask for one, mmkay?

The only cool feature of it is substituting in handy symbols not easily keyed in, like the copyright symbol. Apart from that, not interested. I've created a piece of VB script/macro that makes it easy to torch most entries out of the AutoCorrect list, so read on...

Microsoft at its best -- treating the user like a dumbshit, and making it hard to have what the user really wants -- a few AutoCorrect entries, but not most. The GUI interface to editing the list is stupid, in that it doesn't let you bulk-select parts of the list and hit delete.

The following piece of code will do it for you :) It'll mass delete everything from a-z, and A-Z, leaving the handy symbol stuff:

Sub DeleteMostAutoCorrectEntries()

Dim aceLoop As AutoCorrectEntry

For Each aceLoop In AutoCorrect.Entries
    With aceLoop
            If .Name Like "[a-z]*" Or .Name Like "[A-Z]*" Then .Delete
    End With
Next aceLoop

End Sub

Plonk that into the VB Editor and off you go. Changes should be persistent. Google around for how to actually run/use VB stuff.

Enjoy :)

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