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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:31 AM EST

Cisco Networkers 2007

RamblingsI went to Brisvegas last week to attend the 2007 installment of Networkers.

Photos are here :)

Overall, an excellent event. Dimension Data were the diamond sponsor of it (a bit of a shock really), and that meant we were the stand pwnerers.

Highlights for me were catching up once again with Lachlan Kidd and John Schaeper (hope I've spelt that right, can never remember). Got a lot of respect for those two guys, ever since I worked in past lives with them (and I think Lachie still reads this, or so he claims!)

Had an awesome dinner at at highly recommended place up there called the Breakfast Creek Hotel. Very fucking awesome steaks and whatnot. A bit of a pity that most of the "dinner table conversation" was about GayFL and not something half-interesting...

Some good breakouts I attended were to do with SAN technologies, and were quite helpful in the new stuff that I'm doing. Fibre Channel is the shit and should rule the world, forthwith.

Caught up with Michaela, an ex, and that was nice too. Hadn't spoken to or seen her pretty much since she moved back to Brisbane.

Cisco put on an event at Family nightclub -- basically bought the club for a night, and hired some big Aussie band that I knew nothing about. Man that was entertaining... not the music, but watching a club full of nerd men be amazed as this thing called a stage with these people called band members playing these things called musical instruments! Ah, classic :)

But yes, in closing... Brisbane still blows, and so does their fucking taxi system! We started hunting for a taxi at 4 fucking pm on the Thursday and didn't get one till 5:15, excellently putting us in a position to miss our fucking flight home. Great stuff. Once we pulled into the airport, there, smack bang in the middle of it, was a fenced off area with about fifty taxis, and drivers, just idle! What, the, fuck?!?

I finally touched down just past midnight, and didn't get home for another 1.5 hours. Shitful effort, Queensland :P At least Qantas were (for once) amazing about it all and transferred my flight without penalties; even if there was some bizarre accident on a freeway which they claim there was.

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Cisco Networkers 2007
Authored by: mikey on Tuesday, October 09 2007 at 08:03 PM EST

Why would you not mention you were going to this? Goofus!