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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:32 AM EST

Greymatter article


Fuck I love PHP -- it's one of those wonderful things that's free, top quality, and reliable... just like a friend or partner is meant to be.

Revamp of the frontpage but all mods are in the backend; now I can put more of this rambling bullshit up easier ;)

Ponderment: As is said a lot, live every day like it's your last, and live life to the fullest -- I've found that people past or present in your life will be only to quick to discount its importance in the bigger scheme of things due to their own overzealous, ego boosting selfishness.

Whether its megalomania or a self-imposed "cloaking-shield path to getting over it", its ugly, disheartening, and makes recalling happy memories an experience ending in disappointment. Don't neglect healthy balance both in your mind and life; every coin has two sides.

With all the changes in my gig this year, I'm finding myself break more and more binding chains and finding a life more free. I'm glad the last three or so years have happened to me -- it serves as a benchmark for how far I've come.

Invention: Toilet roll packs that you can open by only needing one hand, so that when you've already dismanted the holder and THEN realise the pack isn't open, you can open it.

Hah, and they wonder why its called The Think Tank.

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