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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:32 AM EST

Greymatter article


What a week. Perfect time for some regular expressions -- I got fucked by ... what a list of permutations...

Looks like Phoneware finally got sick of the fact that I don't behave like a sheep, and that I have an attitude. Gotta love management misreading a passion for the work for a personal conflict. Gotta love how Australian management continually yearns for communication, and yet effectively fire you on the last day of ones three month probation period without hint nor warning, nor explanation as to why, just so that they don't have to pay me out a full months' salary.

So now I'm biting the bullet; I'm a contractor. Should be interesting to finally get control of my life, money and style. Going to enjoy not working full weeks... nice long weekends, going away, buying and doing what and who I want and need to do, not what others want and need.

My beds only brand new and its already getting worn out... have missed not being able to walk afterwards -- spose the same applies to most other parts of my house too heh. More in future thoughts pages methinks.

Ponderment: does a non-reciprocation of an emoted feeling mean that a person is incapable of being honest with themselves (and thus others), they can't bear to expose their heart, or are they just that cold enough that it isn't in them? Either way, it's sad.

Anyhow, a few minor changes to the site, including the addition of Slooze; check that out from the link at the bottom of the LingCam page. Hopefully more thoughts added soon, as after recent events, I of course have lots of opinions to get out.

Almost a year at my current pad, and what a twelve months it's been :) Things seem to just keep getting better and better...

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