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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:32 AM EST

Greymatter article

RamblingsTime to start some random ramblings methinks -- I already see archiving/geeklike problems ahead :/ I've taken more of a back seat in the last six odd months in life, allowing myself to be in awe of it once again, instead of in its command. I'd lost focus over the last ten months or so about things like the world around me, where I was going, wanted to be... all the usual. More importantly, I'd stopped considering the state of my own happiness. I've addressed that, in a big way.

I'd forgotten about the core things that gave me pleasure; visual stimulants that get my photographic mind whirring... the beauty of the human body as a photographic artform... doing numb things like not seeing the glamour in almost everything occurring naturally around you.

The pleasures that the body gives... I'd forgotten about the real emotional power of sex; how you can derive pleasure from it, instead of fulfilling a role. Forgotten just how much fun it can be.

My situation right now is very good to me, and for me. I plan to keep it this way.
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