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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:31 AM EST

Wounded! Man down, man doooownnnn!!!

RamblingsOn Sunday, I had a bit of an "incident" with a cat and a broken wine glass..

So there I was, washing dishes, minding my own business. In my pad, the window that my little beast cat Kisha uses is right over the kitchen sink. I had some wine glasses sitting there ready for final rinse, when the little shit came rocketing through the window.

In show motion (as it always happens) I see what is about to unfold before me. I make a desperate reach for the glasses to move them out of the way, but I'm too late. She's already got them moving rightwards, and fast; I dive into the actual sink to prevent the matter too late and impale my right thumb webbing right onto a broken glass.

Went to the doctor, and thankfully it only needed some of that crazy glue shit they use. Still, I'm out of work for a few days. Tops!

Funny what you take for granted... here's a list of things so far that I've noticed I need my right hand for (considering I'm mostly left-handed):

  • I turn keys in devices with it
  • I handle CDs with it
  • I wipe my ass with it
  • I eat with it
  • I hold drinks with it
  • I brush my teeth with it

No doubt I'm gonna find more things too... and I hear you say, "WOWZERS! That's fascinating!!!"

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