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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:31 AM EST

"Soccer" vs. AFL

RamblingsOk, short story from me, but found these three letters on the net today and I just had to share ;)

Socceroos show where footy's lost the plot

THE contrast between last week's Socceroos/Greece match and the games we see in the AFL competition should be deeply embarrassing to the AFL. On Thursday night at the MCG, we saw a game of subtle tactics, choreographed by astute coaches, akin to the moves on a chess board. In soccer, you must play the ball at all times, and skill predominates over brute force.

While there are also some clever tactics used in footy games, and while there are also some players with wonderful skills, it is a shame that too many games are marred by episodes where the intention is to play the man rather than the ball. The AFL is highly aware of this behaviour, but turns a blind eye, erroneously thinking that a good proportion of spectators come to see rough play and actually enjoy a bit of "biffo".

The first thing to be done is to outlaw shepherding, which can easily be misused in moves such as the shirt-front, where the result can be to injure a key player so badly that he is off for the rest of the game. To barge into a player, who does not have the ball and might even not be looking, is both violent and cowardly and should be stopped. It is not allowed in the rugby codes, which are held to be more physical than footy.

The second imperative is to have a send-off rule, as in the rugby codes. To allow a player who has committed a flagrant foul to play on for the full game is absurd; and the charade of tribunals, where clubs hire expensive legal counsel to defend players who are clearly guilty, is equally so. Sport should begin and end on the field of play, the umpires should be given the authority to ensure fair play, and that should be the end of the matter.

Soccer has set an enviable standard for the AFL to emulate. Let our administrators learn from this and amend the rules so as to elevate skills and sportsmanship and punish brutish players, even if that means losing the patronage of those who watch footy for the wrong reasons.

Rob Siedle, Hawthorn

A pearl before swine

MICHAEL Davis (Letters, 27/5) drags out the well-worn whinge about Thursday night's 1-0 score line being boring. If you opened your eyes, Michael, you'd see that there is more to the game than the ball crossing the goal line: we don't give points for missing, and we don't allow you to kick the ball as high as you like through the posts.

The movement of the ball and the skills required is what makes the game so beautiful: football (yes, that is what the world calls it) is science, art and sport and perhaps this level of sophistication is too much for some people to appreciate.

Christopher Jack, Dee Why, NSW

The real thing

IT'S so good to have real football back dominating the sports pages again, with the analyses of the Pies-Doggies game replacing the 2 days' wonder of the heads-feet-and-boomps-a-daisy-ball.

Carl Keeney, Sunshine North

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"Soccer" vs. AFL
Authored by: sham on Wednesday, May 31 2006 at 01:30 AM EST

There is so much wrong with those letters. I don't think the authors have seen an afl game since the 80s.
Too late to elaborate.

"Soccer" vs. AFL
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 31 2006 at 07:55 PM EST

Donkeydick! Tell us about the awesomeness of your trip, you spastic. Some aussies take it as an offence that 'wogball' should be called 'football' even though the rest of the world calls it that. Cracks me up. K.xx