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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:31 AM EST

Who stole my Ling??

WhingesThought this would be the most apt place for my bitching, hope you see the irony. Plus I'll use this forum for my annual rant about the hypocrisy of Good Friday.

For those of you that don't know I was brought up in an extremely strict religous environment that didn't follow the usual mainstream paths such as churches and the subsequent rituals that follow. In a nutshell the vibe of the thing was to live your whole life in the "image" of Jesus (not that this was freely practiced). There main rant about other religons was that people only practiced religon when it suited them ie Sunday Morning, Xmas Mass and Easter Mass, and then went back to their daily sins without a second thought.
Hence I was never made to eat fish on Good Friday as this was a pointless symbol under our system of "actions speak louder then words".

When I was finally old enough to drag myself away on my own accord I still held on to the belief that only acknowledging your religon on certain days of the year is sheer hypocrisy. I made the choice to not actively practice a religon but I still have my own beliefs etc.
So anyway my "better" half and her family do not attend church, acknowledge any religous beliefs or backgrounds throughout the year BUT on Good Friday only eat fish! Hence to say I have made my views on this subject quite clear in discussions and by ensuring that I eat some form of red meat on the day before eating fish for dinner.

Anyway back to the purpose of this post.

As I work in Dandenong, the home of some excellent fresh fish shop, it was my duty on Friday to get some fish for Good Friday. My fish of choice was the good old Ling fish which I'm rather partial too. I purchased this earlier in the day and left it in the fridge at work. As I'm racing out at 5:30pm heading to a presentation that I was running late for I went to grab my fish and its not friggin there!!

After "venting" my displeasure around the office but still getting no luck I was left with the qustion, "Who stole my fukn Ling?"

So as I'm sitting here eating my traditional Steak and Onion Pie I thought what better place to post this crap that on Auto LINGography!
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Who stole my Ling??
Authored by: jason on Sunday, April 16 2006 at 04:50 PM EST

Nath, awesome post!

Great read, well written, funny shit :) Reminds me of when I was fishing in Port Phillip bay many moons ago; I caught a Ling, pulled it out of the water, put it up to my eyes and said, "We meet again." Threw him/her back too ;)