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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:34 AM EST

Super hero movies

RamblingsIs it just me or is everyone getting tired of all the super hero movies?

I understand that some people are fans of Marvel or DC, but good lord Hollywood, are you getting that desperate for ideas?!?

Catwoman?! "She wears leather. She has big tits, and purrs... the movie of the year." What the fuck next, Wonderwoman? Masters of the Universe?

Last year it was a fad of putting The in front of all the highly imaginative movie titles... and this year, superheroes. And yes, I realise Masters isn't a Marvel or DC :P

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Super hero movies
Authored by: kuffeh on Thursday, September 23 2004 at 11:45 AM EST
It'd be okay if they were actually done well! I'm a fan of special effects and CGI stuff but when the effects are all that carry a movie, then that's a slap in the face to true fans. I was madly awaiting the release of HellBoy and it looked quite good but the movie itself was crap. There's not many directors that have managed to do the crossover between comic-style story to film.
Super hero movies
Authored by: iain on Sunday, October 17 2004 at 10:06 AM EST
Super hero movies... Bring em on. As far as it goes, I think that it is a good connection to my childhood. I agree that some of the movies have been produced rather poorly and some of the story lines are somewhat weak, but is that different from any of the main stream movies? Honestly, if you go to the movies now days to see a movie (be it super hero, horror, comedy, porn... whatever) you are not guaranteed of a good storyline, or good effects, or even good nudey bits! On the whole though they are telling a story and some of them do the crossover quite well. The incredible hulk was an example of the nice connection that the movie had with comic books. It showed the movie in panels at regular intervals, tieing in to how a comic book would be displayed. And for story line and effects, one mans trash is another mans treasure, I have liked movies that my friends have hated and vice-versa. Let them keep on making them, they will eventually get it right and we shall all have a movie that we can enjoy!

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