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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:34 AM EST

Oprah doing more good

RamblingsOn the news last night was a little story on the latest wonder that Oprah has cast upon us all.

So she arranges a studio full of "down and out" (fiscally) people for a show. She paints a picture that they'll all be given a box, and one lucky person will win a car.

Guess what; all the boxes had a set of keys in them.

Yes, all.

What a fucking joke. Give away 270 odd cars so that 270 more people can go and pollute the planet. Excellent idea. They're so down and out that they need cars.

Why the fuck not give them investment accounts, cash, a holiday... 270 fucking cars?

Fucking dumb yanks (no offence to my yank friends.)

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