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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:34 AM EST

The legal street dealer

RamblingsIt has snuck up quietly, but a new (and yet still old) shady dealer is on our streets...

As unsurprising as this seems, it's the local coffee shop. Dealing out legal drugs (caffeine and cigarettes, not to mention alcohol), and taking advantage of poor addicted souls.

It's quite amusing to watch the morning trail of ants (myself included) traipse their way to the dealer to get their fix... some cover it up by sitting down and taking their drugs "at their leisure", and others, embarrased about their jones, quickly scuttle in and and dart back out, only to return to the safehaven that is their whole in the ground, their office.

Funny how these uppers and downers are all legal. Even funnier would be if the local coffee shops' machine died in the ass... oh the hysteria.

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