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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:34 AM EST

Do you have e-mail?

RamblingsA conversation had yesterday with my local estate agent...

I love this stuff. Being that I was actively on the "net" long before it was even publicly available, I still tend to chuckle when people treat me as if I'm new to it, just like them.

Me: I have a complaint or two to forward to you [Started explaining it]
Her: Do you have a fax or e-mail?
Me: Yeah, sure
Her: Well, which one?
Me: Uh, both.
Her: Ah well, ok, you can send your complaint in that way, the e-mail address is...

And off she went, almost spelling it letter for letter like I'd never heard of a mail address before, just because the whole thing was new to her. I was standing outside having a smoke during this, and she's rambling it out like I'm meant to be writing it down.

I just stood there, going "ahuh", "yeah", et cetera... I know, they're not meant to know, but still, the assumption that I'm a dumbshit as much as they are is funny.

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