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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:34 AM EST

Kuffeh gives homie lessons

RamblingsIn a little chat with Kuffeh, she decided to teach me the origins of some Homie talk...
(13:44:11) Kaff: i've been reading about gangs in LA and i now know where G comes from
(13:45:13) lingfish -- jooocy: really now... where does it come from then
(13:45:57) Kaff: O.G. which means Original Gangsters, which refers to the old school gang members that created
the Crips and Blood gangs in Compton, etc.
(13:46:26) Kaff: so if someone calls you G, its a friendly thing you say to someone who's a fellow 'gangster'.
(13:46:49) Kaff: im an expert.
(13:47:09) Kaff: JUst call me O.F. Original Fuckwit.
(13:49:11) lingfish -- jooocy: hhahahaahahah!!!!
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