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Tuesday, October 02 2012 at 09:34 AM EST

Moving right along...

RamblingsIt's been a little while since my last drivel, and that'd be due to the new job, life and normal stuff getting in the way.

Life is just damned lovely at the moment. The new job is full on and it's a rather big upramp, but I'm loving it. Had to trundle down to Warrnambool in the first week which wasn't what I'd call a choice, but it had to be done for a certain client -- was good to get back on the road a little again and damage corporate Amex's.

All quiet on the doof scene, which is fine with me at the moment as things are just too hectic. Adam Beyer is coming up soon though and I'm a tad excited about that :). Speaking of, went for a little secondhand record shopping yesterday and picked up some lovely chooage from Adam and one or two others; very happy.

Lordie, I just realised that the next MTC is already upon us... I think I'll behave for that considering those next three weeks will be parties.

Had an excellent mashup with Chris and a mate of his last weekend... about 4 hours all up, starting off with some tech and trance, and then into drum n bass :) Never mixed it before, and I didn't do too badly considering. My fingers are itching to get out there...

That's all for now, I'll attempt to keep this a tad more up to date, honest, kinda.

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